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Our Vision

A local leader in complimentary medicine, providing a high level of care in a relaxing and healing environment. We combine degree level education in both Western and Eastern medicine to provide effective relief for pain and other health conditions.

What are we actually doing?

We use Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine training along side other forms of acupuncture such as DNA (distal needling acupuncture). They are a powerful union and achieve a high level of clinical results.  We also use medical pulse diagnosis, dietary therapy and offer lifestyle advice to compliment individualised treatment plans.

I'm frustrated that nothing else has worked for me!

It is very common for most people to come and see us after trying and failing everything else - we still get great results.  We also see people who have a desire to try and reduce or stop medications for example analgesics (pain killers) and NSAID (ibuprofen).  We will work with your G.P and help reach your health goals.

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A Natural Treatment Pathway

Acupuncture, despite what you might have heard has nothing to do with "energy meridians" and unfortunately that is one of the biggest reasons people tend to avoid trying acupuncture, because they think it is a placebo or requires "belief" in order for it to work. Acupuncture is a cardiovascular and nervous system medicine and has a growing consensus of scientific evidence!

Acupuncture promotes self healing (stimulates the body to heal itself). It influences the nervous system (muscles, nerves and internal organs), the cardiovascular system (blood flow, distribution of nutrients and hormones), the immune system (stimulates and strengthens the immune system) and the endocrine system (regulation of the hypothalmic-pituitary-adreal axis) - together these are all the systems that drive every function in our body! So, no more talk about energy and Qi blockages, we are talking in real terms about real things we understand in the west as scientifically measurable.

  • Pain conditions (anywhere in the body, we don't discriminate!) can be treated successfully with acupuncture. Distal needling allows us to stay away from the area of pain so you don't have any worries about us hurting you (this is more for your peace of mind because acupuncture doesn't hurt!) As an example, for knee pain we usually needle the area around the elbow, pain dissolves away immediately and with the right amount of treatment stays away for good. We dont care where it is, show us the pain and we'll get rid of it.

  • Migraines, tension and cluster headaches are something we see all the time. Unfortunately in our modern world they are usually driven or worsened by lifestyle, stress, or diet. Perhaps there is an old injury or underlying musculoskeletal cause. There is a good evidence base for acupuncture as an effective treatment pathway for all types of headaches. In the case of migraines we also focus on treating nausea, vomiting, visual disturbances and we work to help identify triggers and suggest diet and lifestyle changes.

  • Acupuncture can help regulate and treat many female health problems for example pain and cramping, unusually heavy periods and emotional problems linked to the cycle. It has been used for many years alongside IVF treatment to help improve outcomes. When we help people experiencing fertility issues we usually treat the male and female at the same time.

  • Stress is a HUGE problem in our modern society. Some patients come to see us specifically for help with fatigue, anxiety or depression. Acupuncture has an awesome natural side effect - it leaves you refreshed, rejuvenated, more positive and relaxed! We've had some great success helping people that come to us with these types of problems. We use dietary therapy, lifestyle advice (usually small, simple easily achievable changes) and may in some cases recommend supplements along side regular treatment.

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